Parcel BI
Parcel BI

The Data Tool for Parcel Cost Management

Take Control of Your Parcel Spend

Discover impactful cost savings opportunities to improve profitability for your distribution. Gain leverage to negotiate deeper discounts on carrier contracts through accurate and easily accessible parcel data.

Why You need Parcel BI

Looking through carrier invoice data, figuring out where you are losing money, and where you can make up money is extremely time consuming. It's nearly impossible without the proper tools. Parcel BI will take your data and show you everything that you need to know about your parcel spend, right at your fingertips.

This business intelligence tool will keep everything in line for you to easily see what is going on within your organization's parcel operations. From how you are being affected by surcharges, to carrier mistakes in billing, to third party shippers, Parcel BI brings savings to the surface.



  • Empowers users by exposing data hidden in carrier invoices
  • Creates awareness on how to reduce your parcel costs 
  • Details the impact of changes in carrier contracts and rates
  • Goes from total spend to package level detail in 3-5 clicks 
  • Provides responsive reports and dashboards, allowing users to drill into and filter data
  • Allows you to sort and view your data by:
    • Account/Account Group
    • Inbound/Outbound/Third Party (Shipper/Receiver)
    • Carrier and Service
    • Accessorial / Dimension
    • Date Range / Invoice
  • Compare Contracts and Bids During Negotiations based on your historical volumes, services, accessorials and more.


How does it Work?

Parcel BI automatically gathers parcel bills from the major carriers and imports them into our data model.

UPS, FedEx, GSO, Endicia, Loomis, Purolator, OnTrac, etc.

We then use powerful visualizations to transform the data into interactive reports, giving you a high-level analysis.

Drill down to the package level to completely understand your bill.

Identify opportunities to reduce costs and improve processes.

We empower you, the user, to find process improvements that can help you reduce costs.

We educate our users to connect with their data and keep nothing behind closed doors.

Get money back from carriers on incorrect charges, billing errors, and other eligible transactions.


Save Time - Gain Efficiency

Your carrier bill and invoice data will be automatically collected and consolidated. We even keep your records to show trends over time. This allows you to improve shipping policies and procedures for long-term success. 

Expose the Data

See the big picture and then drill down into the data to expose hidden savings and opportunites. Analyze by customer, account, carrier, accessorial fee, zone, and more with just a few clicks. Making data-driven decisions to manage parcel has never been easier.

Reduce Costs and Errors

Invoice Analytics empowers you to see charges, shipping methods, business practices, & hidden gaps that are costing you unnecessary dollars. Quickly identify what fees are costing you the most and how to adjust the process to reduce your overhead.

Negotiate Better Contracts

Avoid the traps of carrier contracts by exposing everything in your contract and comparing it to others. You can see the impact of rate increases based on your shipping patterns and historical volumes to negotiate better incentives for your organization.

Connect Costs to Customers/Orders

Stop losing revenue and bleeding margin over shipping costs. Parcel Margin Analysis connects your sales and parcel data. Compare the cost you assumed at the time of shipping to the cost you actually incurred for a shipment and the charge you invoiced the customer. 

Benchmark Your Savings

Ensure that your efforts and new contracts are producing quantifiable results. Easily track savings by spotting trends, higher shipping costs and measuring reductions. Monitor average costs and calculate the impact new contracts and rates can have on your spend.

Parcel BI Suite

Contract Edge

Contract Edge

Watch your spend dramatically change when you use this powerful tool that uses your historical parcel shipping information, and compares contract performances.

Invoice Analytics

Invoice Analytics

Save hours, money, and resources by having all of your data right in front of you, using the tool that empowers users to easily look at their parcel spend and expose the charges affecting them the most.

Parcel Margin

Parcel Margin

Gain insight and clarity by connecting your sales data to parcel data. Expose the impact that unexpected shipping costs have on your margin.

Refund Audit

Refund Audit

Carrier invoices can be saturated with errors, dive deep into your parcel data to find cost savings and opportunities to reduce your parcel spend.


Parcel BI has made it possible to gain control of our Parcel Spend. We have been able to expose the places where incorrect data or processes were adding unaccounted costs and stealing from our bottom line. We were able to train our employees better and clean up our shipping data sources to directly impact our bottom line.

-Tyler T., Director of Distribution and Logistics


True Partnership

We have used third party auditors in the past, but the relationship always felt tainted. Since they were compensated by giving them a portion of our refunds, there was no incentive to help us fix the core issues. Parcel BI is about improving us, not feeding off of us. It's a true partnership.

-Ric B., President

True Partnership


Your last few updates have been incredible!  The advanced filtering in particular has been tremendously helpful. I still can't believe how easy it is, this saves me so much time.

-John H. - VP -Supply Chain


Simply Amazing

I had built something like this in house, but really, it was nothing like this.  This is easy, automated, and simply amazing. Such a time saver. 

Our reports were okay for me, but slow and manual. I was writing queries all the time. 

And the higher-ups did not 'get it' until they saw your visuals. Now they look at the report and realize what needs to be done. I’d love to be an endorsement for you. 

-Nancy - Transportation Manger

Simply Amazing

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Comprehensive Business Intelligence

The Vizion360 Suite

Parcel BI is part of a larger Business Intelligence (BI) Ecosystem, developed on the Vizion360 Impact Analytics Platform.

Vizion360 is a BI firm that partners with clients to deliver data and empower growth at an enterprise level. They integrate proven strategies and industry best practices to customize a data-driven solution around your business processes.

We provide meaningful insights, allowing you to quickly and accurately make proactive data-driven decisions. From our base modules and fundamental KPI's to our advanced Analytics Solutions, Parcel BI can open a door to a whole new way of managing your data and measuring results.

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25-Point Parcel Health Checkup                       Request a Checkup

It can be difficult to keep track of all the data involved with shipping, receiving, fees, hidden costs, etc. No matter your parcel spend, the parcel costs impact your budget and margin but can be hard to analyze. If its not monitored properly, any additional costs can add up to tens of thousands, even millions of dollars. 

We offer a FREE 25-point health checkup, where we load your carrier invoice data into our tool to expose what is costing you money, and what you can be doing to change that. We go through all 25 points of your data to see where you can be saving money within your parcel spend.   
*Click the images below for a closer look.

Parcel BI's 25 Point Parcel Health Checkup for Parcel Spend ManagementSavings Exposed with Parcel BI's 25 Point Parcel Health Checkup for Parcel Spend Management



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