Too Busy? Parcel BI Alerts Keep You Connected

Active Alerts with Parcel BI

Parcel BI is a business intelligence tool built to help business manage their parcel spend. Our tools provide a wealth of information to our customers to help expose errors, identify opportunities, and understand all of your parcel charges.

However, with all of the chaos in the world right now, many businesses are too busy to check their data every day for issues. Parcel BI just added a new, powerful feature so that brings important issues to your attention.

Introducing active alerts with Parcel BI!

Active Alerts with Parcel BI

Parcel BI Alerts allows you to set up existing or custom data triggers to notify you about the key issues in your invoices every week. For example, you can set up an alert to notify you every time there is a charge over $100, if there is an Overmax charge, or if a particular shipper sends a package on an unauthorized service. If you can look for it in Parcel BI, you can set up an Alert!

Then, every Monday, you will receive a summary email for all of the alerts that were triggered in the invoices from that previous week.


Some of the other alerts you can activate are:

  • Late payments

  • Audit recovered amount

  • Packages shipped

  • Packages with a declared value less than $300

  • Residential surcharges on FedEx Ground

  • Unauthorized / Overmax Charges ($875/ea!)

  • Chargebacks

  • Invalid accounts

  • Address Corrections

  • Sender / Receiver Based Alerts

  • Changes in Incentives outside the standard deviation

  • And so much more!

Learn More About Parcel BI

If you are interested in learning more about active alerts with Parcel BI or to get started with our powerful business intelligence tools, contact us and sign up for a free demo today! 

You can also learn more about Parcel BI by watching more videos like this in our video library. 

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