BI Solutions Boost Shipping Efficiency and Save You Money

BI Solutions Boost Shipping Efficiency and Save You Money | Parcel BI

Having visibility into the detail of your parcel carrier bills can expose opportunities to trim your parcel costs. Operational and contractual rate improvements reduce your shipping budget, increasing your bottom line. You can sift through your bills, or download them into an excel spreadsheet, but then you are sacrificing time, unable to get to the details you need easily. Utilizing an effective data visualization solution, or Business Intelligence (BI), enables you to identify the changes needed without expending more man hours.  We have spent over a year producing what we see as the industry leading BI tool for managing parcel spend, called appropriately enough: Parcel BI

How does ParcelBI boost shipping efficiency? ParcelBI reduces parcel spend by:

Parcel BI Logo Exposing Shipments With Large Packaging Fees

You are well aware that packaging impacts shipping costs. BI analytics, like ones that can be given to you through ParcelBI, can give you a streamlined way to look at what you ship, so you can improve its packaging. Packing products to reduce size and weight decreases shipping costs and eliminates accessorial fees. With recent changes to dimensional billing policies by national parcel carriers, eliminating dead space in and reducing the size of packages avoids upcharges.

Parcel BI Logo Evaluating Shipping Zones

BI technology identifies where you ship your products and highlights the areas you ship to frequently. With this information, decisions around third-party fulfillment centers and new distribution points can be made to reduce extended shipping costs and better serve your customers. Analytics also point to areas where shipping proves less than cost-effective. Changes to your shipping policies may result to keep shipping charges low.

Parcel BI Logo Identifying Ways to Ship More Efficiently

Keeping up with the latest shipping best practices and choosing the best shipping method requires diligence. BI strategies identify whether UPS or FedEx, priority vs. ground or another method ships your product for less. Furthermore, right transportation intelligence reporting tells you the right delivery service for your shipments, given the timeframes a customer expects. For example, a zone two ground delivery may reach customers as fast as air delivery.

Parcel BI Logo Monitoring for Late Payment and Hidden Fees

In the fast pace of business, expired credit cards and blocked emails get missed. BI saves the day by bringing late payments and hidden fees to the attention of your finance department. This alerts your staff to make adjustments and avoid these charges. Eliminating fees which show up on your monthly bill, associated with the package or not, significantly reduces expenditures.

Parcel BI Logo Ensuring Delivery Information Remains Up-to-Date

Residential and address correction surcharges accumulate when delivery information is wrong. Sales, customer service and accounting departments work together with BI technologies to keep customer addresses current. Good-bye, Surcharges. Hello, Savings.

BI analytics give your shipping department the data needed to make wise, money-saving decisions. They also help identify your top accessorial expense categories to focus your financial surcharge reduction efforts — worth your time and dollar.

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What is the Value of Connecting with Your Data?

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July 17, 2019 Category: Cost Savings

How much money do you spend on parcel shipping a year? What would a 5%, 10 % or 25% reduction in that spend mean to you? What are you doing now to manage and limit the money you are paying to your parcel carriers? No matter how big or small your company is, you never want to waste your time and money. Most companies dont have an effective means to make sense of their invoices and find unnecessary shipping charges, corrections, or chargebacks. Business Intelligence is using data to make better business decisions and gain insight. Parcel BI provides you with business intelligence tools that empower you to take control of your parcel spend without wasting time. Quickly Find Savings Connecting to data can provide savings in various ways, not everything is obvious An example of one of our customers who does not have a very high parcel spend, less than two hundred thousand dollars annually. This particular customer is an omnichannel shipper, meaning they ship outbound on their customers

Understanding How Shipper of Record Affects Parcel Spend

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July 09, 2019 Category: Shipper Of Record

A shipper of record is the company that is initially shipping out a package, not necessarily the company paying for the shipping. For example, you could be shipping something to your customer on their account, and you think that youre not paying for anything because they are the ones who will be charged for shipping costs. However, there are certain charges that you could be subject to that you may not be aware of. What are Charges You Need to be Aware of as the Shipper of Record? Address Corrections: If you ship out a package to your customer but entered the wrong address, you are subject to the address correction fees, not the billed account! This comes as a surprise to many shippers who do a lot of third party shipping. At $16 or more, these charges can add up fast! Invalid Accounts: If your customer has given you the wrong account information or their information has expired, but you ship using that invalid account, you will have to pay a fee for that and may be subject to a

How Parcel BI Makes Managing Many Accounts Easier

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E-commerce is a huge part of how we buy these days, and as a result, it has really changed the game for business supply chains and logistics. Many retailers are now shipping out of various locations across the country, the continent of the world. As a result, they are managing dozens if not hundreds of different accounts. We call these omnichannel; companies that are fulfilling from multiple brick and mortar operations as well as distribution centers. Some organizations have accounts for multiple carriers at a single location, or accounts designated for different purposes as well. Death by 1,000 Paper Cuts The more accounts to manage, the more invoices to review and process. The greater the opportunity to miss opportunities to reduce spend and to leak money. Managing a handful of accounts is challenging enough, but multiply the possible errors by dozens or hundreds of accounts and the potential to miss things and have things such as late charges, chargebacks, audit fees, etc. just

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