Month: April 2020

Insight into Third-Party Shipping

By Parcel BI
April 28, 2020 Category: Savings, Third Party Shipping

How can third-party shipping affect parcel spend? Find out!

Home Bound: Are Residential Costs Impacting You More Than You Know?

By Parcel BI
April 15, 2020 Category: Hidden Fees, Contract Edge

One of the most costly things when it comes to your parcel spend is hidden fees, or fees that you don't see because they happened after the fact. This is an issue that many companies experience when it comes to the cost of shipping regarding residential shipping costs vs. commercial shipping costs.

The Often Hidden Cost of Declared Value

By Parcel BI
April 07, 2020 Category: Declared Value

Declared value is essentially insurance for a particular package purchased at the time of shipping, which is offered by the carriers to the shipper as a precaution. But is it costing you more than it's worth?

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