Contract Edge

The Contract Edge Module of Parcel BI® is a powerful tool that can have a dramatic impact on your overall spend. It allows you to compare contract performance and the impact of rate increases. Compare any two contracts, FedEx® or UPS®:

  • Existing Contract to a Proposed Contract

  • Two New Contracts

  • Same Contract with Different Base Rates

Your actual historical parcel data from the Analytics Module gives you the insight to negotiate a better contract. 

Negotiate with Insight

Using your historical data, project the impact of a contract on specific service levels, packaging sizes, incentives, and more. Contract Edge reveals the areas that have the greatest impact and allows you to prioritize areas of negotiation.

The tool allows you to manipulate any incentive to project the impact it could have on your overall spend. The carriers use powerful quoting tools and software to maximize their profit. Contract Edge helps level the playing field.

Contract Edge, Parcel Business Intelligence Tool in Parcel BI


Contract Edge – Step by Step 

  • Upload PDF Contracts
    • Auto-extract the discounts offered from contract
  • Select the contracts you want to work with and compare
    • Select the same contract and compare Base Rates from previous or upcoming years
    • Compare UPS® or FedEx®
  • The interactive screen displays a breakdown of your parcel costs, surcharges, and incentives based on your historical data
    • Color-Coded to instantly show which rates and incentives are most impactful
  • Empowers you to see the “What If” analysis
    • Alter any incentive in the contract and instantly see the impact
      • Manipulate Volumes
      • Evaluate Tiered Earned Incentives
  • Visualize the impact of Carrier Minimums and Dimensional Divisors
    • Accuracy is dependent upon FedEx Invoice History and shipments to have Dimensional information recorded into shipping software. 



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