Contract Edge

Contract Edge is a powerful tool that uses your historical Parcel Shipping information to quickly predict and compare parcel shipping costs.

Watch your spend dramatically change after using this tool to compare contract performance and impact of rate increases.

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Why You Need Contract Edge:

  • Carrier contracts and bids are complex requiring time-consuming analysis to quantify savings

  • The carriers have powerful tools that analyze your data, while the shippers themselves do not 

  • It is more challenging to compare the two primary carriers (FedEx vs. UPS) against each other

  • Most companies are left taking the carriers word that they are saving money, with no easy way to measure

  • Incentive interdependencies, such as fuel, third party and minimums, are nearly impossible to quantify without the right tool

  • Empowers you to use a simple interface that lays out the various services you use, and the weekly volumes you ship by service in a side-by-side comparison of two contracts or bids.

  • You can compare two different contracts, compare your current contract to proposed rates, or perform "What If" analysis to be armed for negotiations.



How Do We Help You?

 Save Time 

  • Upload a PDF agreement or offer into Contract Edge and instantly project the weekly/annual spend
  •  Manipulate incentives in real time for instant “What-If” Analysis.

Save Money

  •  Find maximum savings through precise analysis and give carrier direction to your needs
  • Compare carrier bids to maximize benefit and direct carriers 

Negotiate Clearly

  • See the latest data clearly right in-front of you using Power BI visualizations and tables.
  • Manipulate this data for instant results and become empowered through the negotiation process

Measure & Predict

  • Measure contract performance over time comparing “old contract” to “new contract”
  • Predict and budget spend based on changes in the carrier rates


How Will This Impact You?

Manage Spend: 

Manage your future parcel spend based on the new rates and compare competitive contracts. 

Target Surcharges: 

Target which surcharges you are being hit with the most and identify where you want to apply discounts in the next year when the rate increase goes up.

Detect Changes:

Detect changes in proposed or current contracts and identify how it will impact your spend.

Be Strategic:

Be Strategic with data-driven negotiations.

Project and Forecast: 

Project the impact of a proposed or current contract on specific service levels, packaging sizes, incentives and more, using your historical data.

Prioritize Negotiation: 

Prioritize areas of negotiation by revealing the areas that have the greatest impact on spend and margins.

Manipulate Incentives:

Manipulate any incentives to project the impact it could have on your spend, considering your unique shipping polices.

The carriers use powerful quoting tools and software to maximize their profit. Contract Edge helps level the playing field.

Contract Edge allows you to manipulate the levers that impact spend such as:

  • Tiers (Multi-Weight, Hundred-Weight, etc.)

  • Weight Bands (Ground Services including Surepost/Smartpost)

  • Minimums

  • Weekly Volume

  • Base Rates by Year (2017 to Current)

  • Base, Tiered, Accessorial, and Deferred Discounts

How Does It Work?

Customize your comparisons by selecting the date ranges, accounts, carriers, and sources needed for your current contracts, upcoming negotiations, and proposals. If business is down, up, unpredictable, acquired, merged, etc. You can use the tool to project accordingly.

Contract Edge – Step by Step 

  • Upload PDF Contracts

    • Auto-extract the discounts offered from contract
    • If you do not have a readable PDF version of your contract, you can still enter a contract manually.
  • Select the contracts you want to work with and compare

    • Select the same contract and compare Base Rates from previous or upcoming years
    • Compare UPS® or FedEx®
  • The interactive screen displays a breakdown of your parcel costs, surcharges, and incentives based on your historical data

    • Color-Coded to instantly show which rates and incentives are most impactful
  • Empowers you to see the “What If” analysis

    • Alter any incentive in the contract and instantly see the impact
      • Manipulate Volumes
      • Evaluate Tiered Earned Incentives
  • Visualize the impact of Carrier Minimums and Dimensional Divisors

    • Accuracy is dependent upon FedEx Invoice History and shipments to have dimensional information recorded into shipping software. 



Other Features:

  • Switch the names of services to be UPS or FedEx based

  • Create a report view of the comparison for sharing with leadership, stakeholders, etc.

  • Download rate charts from comparisons for Zones 2-8

  • Store all of your agreements, bids, and created comparisons as long as you want

  • Create as many comparisons as you would like, delete when you want, archive as long as needed

  • Advisory Services are available to help utilize the tool as well as understanding contracts, and more






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