Automated Data Archiving

Automated Data Archiving

Parcel BI offers business intelligence tools to help companies take control of their parcel spend by allowing them to connect with their data. We offer a repository for data so that it makes it easier to keep track of your parcel spend.

However, many people may think that they are taken care of because their carriers provide data for them. Parcel BI takes it a step further by not only providing you with your parcel data but also archiving it for you. 

Parcel BI Repository Saves Your Data

 Your With Parcel BI, your parcel data and complete history are automatically downloaded and archived in our business intelligence tools for you to use in the future. Having this data is extremely beneficial for you because it allows you to see where you have lost money and what you can do to avoid that in the future, or potentially get that money back.

Losing Account Access?

For example, we had a customer whose business was bought out by another company. As soon as they lost access to those accounts, they would have lost all of their data, but they had our tools which archived their data and allowed them to take it with them. 

Not only did we give them a longer term of data and a repository for the data, but now they can take the data with them, and it can expose some very important things.

This particular customer had a contract that was favorable to the way they ship before they were acquired by another company. After the switch, they were under a different contract which was not favorable to them. 

Because we had a repository of all of their invoices, we were able to show them why they were leaking money and help them use this data as a reference to reinstate their previous contract with their carriers. 

Parcel BI Tools Save You Money

If you own a business or work for a company that ship parcel, no matter how much or how little, Parcel BI can help you connect with your data. We can archive your information and help you see where you are leaking money and even allow you to save your data in the event of account access loss. 

To see how Parcel BI can empower your business, try our free demo online today. For more information about how Parcel BI can save you money on your parcel spend, contact us today. 

Automated Data Archiving

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ABC Co. vs. A B C Company… How Parcel BI solves Address Grouping

By Parcel BI
August 14, 2019 Category: Savings, Parcel

An issue that many companies face when looking at their parcel data is spotting trends by receiver or shipper. Even the simplest mistakes or entries can cause issues with your data. Best practices suggest using system driven receiver and shipper information to create consistency, but that is not always possible, such as third-party shipments, customer entered data, etc. The result is many transactions with slight variations in name or address, when really it is all the same. THE ISSUE WITH VARIANT RECEIVER / SENDER DATA There are so many different fields of entry when shipping, that it is easy for variations to occur, and that makes it hard to connect data. For example, a companys name changes between shipments, (ABC Co. vs. A.B.C. Company) or an address is entered with an inconsistent street abbreviation. Instead of putting the word St you enter St. or Street. There are so many variations that could be entered, resulting in more data that is spread out and flat. This makes it harder

Chargebacks and Rebills on Your Parcel Spend

By Parcel BI
August 07, 2019 Category: Chargebacks

What is the Difference Between a Chargeback and a Rebill? A Chargeback and a Rebill are basically the same thing. UPS calls them chargebacks whereas FedEx calls them rebills. Whatever you like to call them, they can cost you a lot of money, especially if you ship a lot of packageson other companies account numbers. A chargeback/rebill occurs when you are the shipper of record, and ship on someone elses account (Collect or Third Party), but then that company or person decides, for any reason, the dispute the charge. After they decline to pay the shipping cost, the carrier then charges you, the shipper of record, because they need to charge someone. Additionally, if the account you used is on credit hold with the carrier, they will also reverse the charges to the shipper of record. The Result: you have been charged for a shipment that you had expected to pay nothing for. It is very easy for this type of cost to slip through the cracks, and they can really add up! These costs often come

Wasteful Address Corrections Exposed

By Parcel BI
July 30, 2019 Category: Corrections, Savings

Parcel BI specializes in creating business intelligence tools to help companies save money on their parcel spend. There are many areas where a business can be leaking money on their parcel cost, and sometimes you dont even realize it is happening. One of the areas where many companies lose a lot of money is on address corrections. WASTED MONEY ON ADDRESS CORRECTIONS Carriers are charging up to $16.40 per package for an address correction. Corrections can occur when the information entered is not an exact match to what the carrier says it should be, but the difference is not always significant. Incorrect address charges can result if there is additional information, entering street instead of avenue, the suite number is entered in the street address code as opposed to the second address line, or an incorrect zip code can cause a charge. Entering incorrect zip codes is often one of the most repeated address correction charges. A lot of times, companies may have a billing ship code and

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