Freight Margin Analysis

expose impact. refine policy. improve margin.

  • Does the thought of losing money on your shipping fees keep you up at night?
  • Can you easily identify the orders or products that lose money because of delivery cost? 
  • Are you aware of how the anticipated delivery cost compares with the true delivery cost?
  • Do you spend hours and resources auditing freight costs billed to customers?

Freight Margin Analysis - Parcel Margin Overview | Parcel BI

The Business Intelligence Tool That Empowers Users and Exposes Data

Shipping products via parcel means that you don’t know the cost of shipping a package until it is delivered. The costs basis you use when you invoice a client or customer can be unknown.

When you take advantage of the business intelligence power in ParcelBI, you can answer all these questions. How?

We take your sales data and marry it with your data from ParcelBI Analytics. From there we quickly expose the impact of the true parcel cost (delivered) on your margin. Expose the impact the cost to deliver has on margin by:

  • Business Unit
  • Customer
  • Order
  • Product
  • Sales Rep 

All connected to true parcel costs.

Understand the Impact of Parcel on Margin

Integrating your sales data with ParcelBI Analytics allows us to connect the parcel data to individual customers, products, business units, and other attributes to measure impact on profitability.  Parcel consulting companies lack the ability to effectively and quickly tie parcel data to the rest of your data.

Our Core Competency is in providing organizations with transformative Business Intelligence. Unleash the power of ParcelBI Analytics: Beyond refunds and into policy & process improvement.

How to Get Started with Freight Margin Analytics

  • Seeing is believing - SCHEDULE A DEMONSTRATION 
  • Enroll in ParcelBI 
  • Send Up Your Data – We have a secure FTP Site for you to upload your sales data in our standard data format.
  • Need some IT help? We Specialize in data extraction. If you don’t have the resources, we offer services to automate the extraction of data for you. 
  • Sign Up Your Users – Since this reaches beyond Parcel, you may need additional users to be able to access the reports. We can help set them up and train them.

Report Capabilities 

The Interactive resolution utility allows users to act on issues and filter out transactions that have been addressed. 

Within the report you can:

  • Indicate Resolution Status 
  • Categorize Root Cause
  • Make a Note by transaction
  • Send an e-mail to relevant parties 
  • Filter from the report to focus on unresolved issues

The Importance of Time

Automated reports save companies days and weeks of time to auditing parcel impact on margin.

Instantly expose the sales transactions most significantly impacted by parcel costs to improve policy and profitability.

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