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As part of the Parcel BI software system, you can take advantage of Contract Edge, a unique tool that takes the guesswork out of evaluating and comparing contacts.

Understanding Your Data Can Help You Negotiate Your Carrier Contracts

Contract Edge is a one of a kind tool that allows shippers to use their historical data to compare carrier contracts and proposal for themselves. This can include looking at your current contract under different base rates. Since the GRI is coming, now is the time to get Parcel BI and be ready to stand your ground.

Contract Edge allows you to compare the 2017, 2018, 2019 and the 2020 Rates (when published) so you can truly understand the impact of the GRI. Become empowered with the insight and know-how to target which surcharges where you should fight for better discounts and know your Parcel budget for 2020 ahead of time.

Would you like to know in seconds how much the GRI’s are really costing you? The carriers are raising rates because they can, but what is really changing? And not just transportation costs, but bigger rate increases in the accessorials.

With Contract Edge, you can be very strategic in where you ask for your discounts because you can play out the "what if" scenario and see how that's going to impact your spend based on your history.

Take Control Of Your Data

Overall, Contract Edge gives you the data and the information you need to have leverage in understanding and fighting the GRI. Take the guesswork out, save time, and save money. The Rate Increases are coming, are you going to accept them or use it as an opportunity?

If you don't feel like you have leverage for your upcoming carrier contract negotiations, if you're not trying to negotiate your contracts, or if you're not looking at your contracts, you need this tool, especially if you're shipping a lot of parcel every year. Get in touch with Parcel BI and request a free demo which uses your company data to show you the impact Contract Edge can have on your company!

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