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The Business Intelligence (BI) Tool That Empowers Users to Analyze Parcel Spend

Parcel BI® is unlike any other Parcel Analytics solution on the market today! It is the first parcel analytics tool that is designed to empower the user, create awareness without dependency and help you understand the best ways to manage and improve your parcel costs.

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Parcel Spend Overview from Parcel BI Data Analytics for Parcel Spend Management

Year Over Year Analysis from Parcel BI Data Analytics for Parcel Spend Management

Package Characteristics from Parcel BI Data Analytics for Parcel Spend Management

Parcel BI Data Analytics for Parcel Spend Management

The Parcel BI® Suite

Parcel Analytics

The first step on your parcel journey, our powerful analytics tool automatically gathers your bills and loads them into our data warehouse. We combine carrier data, and deliver it in our powerful drillable reports and visualizations, storing the data for use in the other modules. 

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Contract Edge

Upload your carrier contracts and proposals to automatically extract incentives and rates for comparison. Gain insight using actual historical data that helps you understand the incentives impacting your costs the most.

You can compare rate changes, carriers, and instantly calculate the impact that rate increases or better incentives can have on your total cost. 

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Parcel Margin Analysis 

Can you say with certainty that your parcel shipment costs are tied to the actual carrier invoice when you charge your customers? Are DIMs and surcharges hidden from your pricing model?

Our Impact Analytics can tie into Parcel BI®, auditing your Manifest (expected costs) to your parcel bill (actual cost). it also ties in your customer invoices (Billed Cost) to make sure you are recouping your costs accurately. 

With Parcel BI®, you can evaluate the actual charge to the transaction and make sure you are billing properly. Hidden fees are not uncommon with UPS and FedEx and when you account for the actual spend vs. the assumed, you stop leaking costs.

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Total Parcel Data Integration

Business Intelligence

Designed to quickly impact your business by delivering your parcel data in a way you’ve never seen before. This is a BI Solution, not just a fee recovery solution. We collect, aggregate, and connect your parcel data to your financial data. This allows you to connect parcel costs to customers and products.

One Source of Truth

Companies struggle to connect their actual parcel costs to their assumed cost of parcel. With Parcel BI®, you can address this problem once and for all. What is your parcel spend really costing you? What is the impact of shipping discounts on your profitability? Does the invoice to the customer reflect the actual cost? Parcel BI® gets you the answers in 3-5 clicks. 

Business Value

Simplify the complexity of parcel logistics by exposing information that carriers are not highlighting on their invoices. Identify opportunities to reduce all your parcel expenses and improve processes. Eliminate hours wasted to compile data and create reports. Instantly provide all key parcel metrics to management stakeholders to act on and quantify savings. 

Negotiate Better Rates

Parcel BI® gives you the ability to predict the “What if?”; Compare costs between carriers, analyze trends and patterns, and compare carrier performance.

Contract Edge goes beyond what UPS and FedEx can do, exposing the true cost of rate changes. It gives you an advantage in negotiations to form a contract that is fair and works for your needs.  



Intuitive Dashboards & Reports

Built on the latest Power BI platform from Microsoft, Parcel BI® presents the data in an easy to understand interface.

  • Get to your answers in only 3-5 clicks.
  • Slice and dice reports by carrier, service, customer, and more.
  • Tie into our financial suite to increase profitability.
  • Compare your invoiced amounts to the actual cost.
  • Integrate your UPS & FedEx data to see it update in real-time.

Parcel BI® is a product of VIZION360®, a Microsoft Gold Data Analytics and Cloud Platform partner. 

Getting Started with Parcel BI®

Month-to-Month Subscription

We don't commit you to long term contracts. If you are not using the tools and seeing the value, then simply cancel your subscription.  This includes our add on services as well.

Establish Pricing

Parcel BI® is priced by volume because of the amount of data and processing power we need. To make it easier to calculate, we relate it to spend, as the more packages shipped, the greater the spend, and the greater the impact on your business. You are billed monthly and can cancel at any time.

Choose a Payment Method

Credit Card (Billed Monthly), ACH or Invoice.

Provide your Carrier Web Access Log-ins

By next business day, we will create your portal access and you can log in and view the tutorials and begin analyzing your data.

Upload Contracts

To use the Contract Edge Tool, upload readable PDF versions of your current / proposed contracts from UPS® or FedEx® and we extract rates and incentives automatically.   Need some expert help? We can connect you with one of our Parcel Experts that can help you analyze the data, review contracts, improve process and supply chain practices and more.


The average percentage of a parcel shipping invoice that is a hidden accessorial fee or surcharge.*

The average percentage of carrier invoice you can get refunded through an Audit.

Parcel shippers are achieving 10-35% cost savings by analyzing spend, changing & optimizing operations, diversifying carriers, and negotiating better rates.

Business Transformation Through Data AnalysisVizion360 Logo

Our VIZION360® Impact Analytics is a BI solution and a journey that evolves with your company. Powered by the Vizion360® Engine, Parcel BI® is a stand-alone product that is also a component of a larger BI ecosystem. It's the data repository actively used to inform and empower leading companies to run their business from one source of truth. Data Models include analytics suites for Sales, Supply Chain, Financials, and more.

From these core models, Vizion360® delivers advanced analytics such as: 

  • Customer / Product Profitability
  • Sales Forecast / Order Backlog – Demand Analysis
  • Product Basket – Cross-Selling Analysis
  • Customer Buying Patterns
  • Price/Volume/Mix Analysis
  • Cashflow Analysis 


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