Wasteful Address Corrections Exposed

Wasteful Address Corrections Exposed

Parcel BI specializes in creating business intelligence tools to help companies save money on their parcel spend. There are many areas where a business can be leaking money on their parcel cost, and sometimes you don't even realize it is happening. One of the areas where many companies lose a lot of money is on address corrections.


Carriers are charging up to $16.40 per package for an address correction. Corrections can occur when the information entered is not an exact match to what the carrier says it should be, but the difference is not always significant. Incorrect address charges can result if there is additional information, entering "street" instead of "avenue," the suite number is entered in the street address code as opposed to the second address line, or an incorrect zip code can cause a charge.

Entering incorrect zip codes is often one of the most repeated address correction charges. A lot of times, companies may have a billing ship code and a delivery ship code, and their system doesn't provide the correct one. 

No matter what the reason for the address change charge, these costs will quickly add up. It can easily cost your company hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars per year just because of a simple and easily overlooked error in your shipping process.

How Does Parcel BI Help Eliminate Address Change Charges?

Parcel BI's tools allow your company not only to catch where you are leaking money on your parcel spend, but we also allow you to see the impact of these charges.  Then you can expose where it's happening so you can go back to your source systems or your shipping address books and make those corrections. You can take action to stop repeating a mistake again and again.

With our tools, you can instantly see what customers are getting hit with these charges and understand the impact and use the address report and see what the correct address is and make the change in your source systems.

We make it easy to share with others by allowing you to export the data in file that can be uploaded into your source system or shared with your sales system and take corrective action.

If you are ready to start saving money on your parcel spend, contact us today at Parcel BI. There are so many ways that your company can be losing money due to small errors that are easily avoidable and often overlooked. Take action today, and try our free demo to see how Parcel Bi can empower you to take control of your data!

Wasteful Address Corrections Exposed

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