How Parcel BI Makes Managing Many Accounts Easier

How Parcel BI Makes Managing Many Accounts Easier
E-commerce is a huge part of how we buy these days, and as a result, it has really changed the game for business supply chains and logistics. Many retailers are now shipping out of various locations across the country, the continent of the world. As a result, they are managing dozens if not hundreds of different accounts. We call these "omnichannel;" companies that are fulfilling from multiple brick and mortar operations as well as distribution centers. 

Some organizations have accounts for multiple carriers at a single location, or accounts designated for different purposes as well.

Death by 1,000 Paper Cuts

The more accounts to manage, the more invoices to review and process. The greater the opportunity to miss opportunities to reduce spend and to leak money.  Managing a handful of accounts is challenging enough, but multiply the possible errors by dozens or hundreds of accounts and the potential to miss things and have things such as late charges, chargebacks, audit fees, etc. just start falling through the cracks.

How Parcel BI Can Help

Parcel BI offers solutions to manage this account overload by consolidating all of that data into a single point and give logistic/ supply chain managers visibility to that information and eliminate loss on parcel spending. Accounts can be grouped into business units for easier management, and the data can be filtered by account or account group to make it easier to filter the data for the accounts that get less attention.

For example, one Parcel BI user is managing over 130 accounts. With the powerful reporting tools, they were able to see a simplified list of all of their accounts, what each account is being charged, how many packages each account.

This customer saw that for several accounts, they were being charged over $1,000 without a single package being shipped. This is a result of late fees, printer fees, and weekly fees for carriers to drop by and see if there is anything to pick up.

This user had closed one of its retail locations, but their account was still being charged for weekly pick-ups because they had so many accounts to manage that they lost track of the one they were supposed to close. 

These are easy things to miss because they're buried and when parcel costs get out of control, it's like death by 1,000 paper cuts. There are a lot of little ways to leak money and especially when you're managing so many accounts. Parcel BI makes it much easier and exposes those accounts and manage multiple locations.

With Parcel BI, you can expose and help you take control of your data and connect you with your parcel spend. If you are an omnichannel retailer or have more accounts than you can easily manage, and you want to save money, contact us at Parcel BI. You can request a free demo or ask us any questions you may have about how our business intelligence tools can work for you.


How Parcel BI Makes Managing Many Accounts Easier

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