Parcel BI helps control tour parcel cost

What Makes Parcel BI Different?

Parcel BI does a lot of things differently that no other parcel cost management business can do. But one thing that really separates us is our parcel margin analysis tool. This clearly shows how the final/ true cost for delivery impacts the margin on an order, and can compare it to expected costs, if known. 

Parcel Margin Analysis

Your true parcel cost is after all your accessorial fees, late fees, address corrections, and other issues are eroding your margin. Too often, this can vary significantly from what the expected, or manifested, cost might have been when a shipment was prepared and calculated.

We can connect your sales data and what you were billing for your customers. If you were billing, or maybe you're giving shipping away for free, or maybe you're doing prepay and add. Regardless of how you account for the cost to deliver your goods, there is an impact the profitability of every sale you ship. We help you analyze that impact to see if you're billing enough for shipping or if your shipping policies are eroding your margin.

This goes beyond counting all the charges and opportunities for savings on the parcel side and really connects your data to the sales and the profitability of the company by customer and order

Parcel Margin Overview Report

With business intelligence tools provided by Parcel BI, you can categorize your shipping in different amounts, different business segments, e-commerce segment, and more to really connect to the customer level.

You are also able to see all your customers, the total amount of revenue they're generating, what your costs are for those sales, and what is your gross margin. Then, you can compare what you're billing and what you are invoiced by the carrier and that impact that has on your margin.

What Would an Additional 2 or 3 Percent of Margin Do for Your Company?

Overall, our tools allow you to identify the root cause of margin loss so you can fix it. When you can do that, you can adjust internal processes and systems to increase the profitability of your company.

If you want to find out what an additional 2 or 3 percent of margin do for your company, contact us at Parcel BI today! You can contact us online or try our free demo to get started today.

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