Rising Parcel Costs are NOT Inflation


Do you have the time to sit down and review parcel invoices and figure out all the charges and reasons for increasing costs? If your parcel bills keep increasing, or you can tie out your expected costs to your actual spend there is a good chance it is caused by one or more of the recent changes in the carriers billing.

It is not uncommon for companies like yours to sign a new contract and not realize the savings they anticipated, we can give you the tools to figure out where and why, and then the guidance on how to correct the issues and optimize your contracts for the results you were expecting, or better.

You can spend hours, days or months trying to figure it out, but we have the best solution to manage all parcel accounts, Parcel BI. Business intelligence tools that save you both time and money.

Take Control, Gain Insights, Reduce Costs.

If you want to learn why your parcel costs are rising, contact us at Parcel BI today and sign up for a free analysis of your spend and the impact of the 2020 rate increases. You can also learn more about our tools in our video library.

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Measuring the Impact of Parcel Minimums

By Parcel BI
August 12, 2020 Category: Savings, BI Solutions

With Parcel BI, you can quickly and easily see how many packages have hit that minimum and how much that has actually cost you. This allows you to go to your carrier and negotiate a lower minimum charge to help you save on your parcel shipping spend!

Incentive Analysis Report

By Parcel BI
August 05, 2020 Category: BI Solutions

Parcel BI offers shippers the tools they need to ensure they are getting the best rates from their carrier contracts, being billed correctly, and more with Incentive Analysis Reports!

Parcel BI User Connection

By Parcel BI
July 22, 2020 Category: Client Success, Educational, Connect

Parcel BI just held their inaugural User Connection. Parcel BIs Director, Guy Manias had a visionto bring users together andtalk about common trends in the industry. He saw the User Connection as an opportunity to connect different companies the in the parcel industries from all over. PURPOSE The purpose of the webinar wasnot only to bring these shippers together, but to also learn from one another, to show the latest updates in Parcel BI to maximize the user value, and to develop a community of users that are able to stay together and continue conversations outside of the User Connections. Parcel BIs main goal is to aid in client success. We want to educate, empower, and connect our users. The User Connection allows us to help our clients to grow and build relationsamongst professionals in the industry. USER CONNECTION LAYOUT During the User Connection Webinar, we gave the latest and greatest updates to Parcel BI. Some examples of what we covered in this first webinar included the

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