Insights into Third-Party Shipping Part 3

Parcel BI offers business intelligence tools that can help any business monitor and reduce their parcel spend. This includes managing third-party shipping accounts. When someone else has access to your accounts, there can be more room for errors and suspicious activity. 

If you haven't seen Insights into Third-Party Shipping Part 1 and Insights into Third-Party Shipping Part 2, check them out now to learn more about this topic. Here, we dive into what additional costs you may be paying due to errors with third-party shippers and how to cut those costs.

How to Monitor and Cut Costs with Third-Party Shipping

In Parcel BI's Invoice Analytics, there is a Sender/Receiver Analysis report that organizes and analyzes your carrier invoice data to break it down by Senders and Receivers (third-party shippers/accounts).

Receiver Sender Analysis Report to Monitor Third Party Shipping with Parcel Business Intelligence

Here, you can easily see who is initiating every third-party shipment and who is receiving them. Then, you're able to drill into each of the receivers or senders to find detailed information for every third-party account and shipment.

Receiver Analysis Detail View of Account in Parcel Business Intelligence

Starting from a high-level and drilling down into detailed reports is a Power BI feature and empowers you to take action on your data. You can even drill-down to package-level detail, a sample of this report is shown below.

Package Level Detail from Receiver Analysis Report in Parcel BI Tool

This allows you to identify when and where something went wrong so you can correct it and/or improve your policy for the future. 

Track Your Shippers to Get Money Back

These tracking tools provide you with physical proof to show to your third-party shippers when disputing a mistake. This allows you to get the money back or improve your processes going forward. 

Having visibility into your third-party shippers exposes errors that can lead to refunds and opens up opportunities to expand contracts, processes and more for long-term savings on parcel spend.

Expose Third-Party Shipping Fraud

Our tools are self-serve with highly accessible support from our team. Parcel BI reports can expose any fraudulent or suspicious activity on your account.

Since you can track and monitor every aspect of the process and know everyone who has access to your account, you can quickly identify and report on any issues.

Success Story of Parcel Business Intelligence to Lower Parcel Spend

Learn More About Saving on Your Third-Party Shipping

If you are interested in learning more about how Parcel BI can help your business monitor and cut costs when it comes to your third-party shippers and overall parcel spend, contact us today!

You can also learn more about Parcel BI by watching more videos like this in our video library.

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