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Carriers don't make it easy to expose negotiable charges, policy and incentive-related savings, and unnecessary fees that lie within carrier invoices. Without visibility into that data, organizations are missing out on big savings.

Analyzing FedEx and UPS invoices for hidden fees and extraneous charges can be costly and time consuming. Using a 3PL for Auditing services may bring some money back in, but the big bucks lie within the large invoice pdfs and spreadsheets.

Our revolutionary business intelligence tool empowers you to identify major savings using data collected from the invoices. These add up to thousands, even millions of dollars each year for our clients. Pinpoint where you are losing money or bleeding margin, in as little as 3-5 clicks.
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Uncover savings you never knew were there. The various reports in this tool empower  you, the user, to analyze parcel data and identify what costs are affecting your business the most.
All the data you need to monitor and manage parcel spend is at your fingertips.

Quickly Spot Trends
& Opportunities

Once the data is loaded, you can begin exposing the information that carriers are not making it easy to see in their invoices through intuitive reports designed by BI Experts.

The reports simplify the complexity of understanding your parcel spend, allowing for “timely” week-to-week identification of profit opportunities on all your parcel expenses. Slice and dice data to spot practices and shipping trends that are costing you money at granular levels, such as by receiver or account.

Drill Down Into the Data for Actionable Insights

The reports summarize data but can also be filtered and modified with a click of your mouse to drill into data and into more focused reports. Select multiple filters at once to expose your data related by carrier, account, service, origin, receiver, and week.

Drill into Accessorial Charges, DIMs, Customers, 3rd Party Shippers, and Specific Fees - such as Peak Surcharges. This tool archives your data and provides trending analysis. Driling down into data helps to eliminate hidden fees.

"We have used third party auditors in the past, but the relationship always felt tainted. Since they were compensated by giving them a portion of our refunds, there was no incentive to help us fix the core issues. Parcel BI is about improving us, not feeding off of us. It's a true partnership"
-Ric B., President


Parcel Analytics That Expose Actionable Data for Big Savings

Parcel BI gathers carrier invoice data for you by using your login credentials (with signed NDA) for the carriers you use (UPS, FedEx, and others).

It automatically downloads the information into your data warehouse and prepares the data for analysis at your fingertips. This automation saves hours of productivity by no longer needing to manually download the data and manage files.

Our intuitive reports show summary data, blending the information from all accounts and carriers so you can see your entire parcel picture, and drill down into the details if you spot an opportunity or something questionable.

Download White paper: Top 5 charges hiding in your parcel invoice


Quickly Analyze Your Spend and Invoice Data by Carrier, Account, Service, and More:


  • Using business intelligence, data is made actionable in just a few clicks. 
  • Powered by Vizion360 and Microsoft Power BI, beautiful data visualizations help you ID impactful information.
  • Invoice Analytics is very interactive and intuitive for a variety of roles, from the top-down. Perfect for those managing shipping or parcel dollars, whether it's a CFO, Operations, Transportation, Logistics, or a combination of the above.
  • You can find information that you are looking for by using the drop-down filters, or you can click on any element in graphs, tables, or visuals to bring you where you need to be.
  • You do not have to wait hours for your data to load, the screen will update instantly for any area of focus that you click on.

Want to Dive into Deeper Detail? 

  • One of the unique features that this tool has is its ability to drill down into any element of data. Take it from summery level down do package, invoice or account-level detail. 

  • It's as easy as right clicking on a line or visual in your report, and selecting the appropriate detailed report from a dropdown list. 

  • We give you an automated repository where your company can share all your parcel invoices to a point where they go beyond what is accessible from the carriers themselves.

Do not worry if you like Excel! You can still export your data or download the original files

Alert Notifications Keep You Up to Date

Alerts are a new feature in Parcel BI. We always take our users feedback into account and this new feature was in popular demand.

Quickly become aware of anything and everything you want to know. Customize the alerts to fit your needs or choose from a list of popular benchmarks and tracking data. This is very helpful to alleviate time and tasks without losing visibility into parcel.

Some of the default Alerts that we have set up for you include:

  • Any late payments

  • Audit recovered amount

  • Packages shipped on Ungrouped Account

  • Packages with declared value less than $300

  • Residential surcharges on FedEx Ground. 

You can edit and view the history of each of these alerts. Once you have created the Alert that you would like, you can hit the button that allows you to calculate last week’s value. The alert will be sent directly to your email if something happens in with your data that would trigger the alert. 

How Does It Work?

Automatically Download Carrier Invoice Data

  • This is pulled from your billing centers. All you need to do is provide access to your carrier web portals. 
  • It grabs all available files and invoices (6 mo. - 1 year of bills).
  • Files can be loaded manually if you have older files for adeeper picture or as an alternate form of data load.
  • The data is extracted and loaded into our cloud-based data repository and then processed

Load Data into Best Practice BI Models

  • Data is cleaned up and consolidated for the BI model.
  • Carrier data is "matched up" for Zones, Services, etc. so you can slice and dice the data for a full picture. 
  • Our goal is to empower you to spend time analyzing your data vs. mining it or finding answers through various departments.

Quickly Access Insights using Web-Based Portal

  • Log into your account through the Parcel BI web-app.
  • Navigate to Invoice Analytics -- Interactive Reports
  • Click on the report components to "Slice and Dice" data.
  • Click through and drill down into detail reports using a variety of filters to modify your analysis and visualizations, instantly.

Wide Range of Reports 

  • Parcel Spend Overview
  • Invoice Detail
  • Accessorial Analysis and Detail
  • DIM Analysis and Detail
  • Account Analysis and Detail
  • Sender/Receiver Analysis and Detail
  • Carrier Analysis and Average Cost Trending
  • Base and Surcharge Rate Analysis
  • Shipment / Package Level Detail
  • Zone Analysis
  • Microsoft Excel Data Connection
  • Much More!


Questions to Ask Yourself

Why are we getting so many large box surcharges?

What % of our packages are getting weights DIM'ed after we ship them?

Are we losing money by not inputting dimensions?

Are we getting unnecessary residential surcharges because we have customers identified incorrectly?

Are we losing money by unnecessarily applying declared value?

Are we shipping with expedited services unnecessarily?

Are distribution centers shipping too much to other regions?

How is COVID-19 and related shipping fees affecting my organization?

If you don't have the data to answer these questions, you can benefit from our Demo.

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