Our Story

Parcel BI® was developed when a retired senior pricing analyst from UPS® teamed up with a leading Business Intelligence company to create a tool that would empower customers to understand parcel spend, analyze their data. and improve operationally as a result.

As One Door Closes, Another Opens

After 30+ years of working at every level at UPS®, negotiating with countless parcel shippers and amassing a unique portfolio of parcel knowledge, a good friend of ours retired.

His talents and knowledge were sought after by many shippers and he began consulting. He quickly realized that the industry needed a tool that would allow parcel spend managers to quickly and effectively dissect parcel bills and information.

Motivated By Client Empowerment

His moral compass and guiding principles were to empower his clients and help them achieve cost savings in a fair manner, to act as a stakeholder in his client’s success. He recognized that the 3rd party parcel analysts were not acting with the customers best interest in mind.

The model of companies that profit off of errors and refunds means that the model works best for the parcel auditor when companies are in the dark about the processes and data that may be the root cause of accessorial charges and other refunds/credit opportunities.

While these companies would provide high-level information on the savings their engagements provided through refunds, they did not empower the customers to use this high-level information on savings, which led them unable to implement or monitor this on their own.  He knew there had to be a better way, he was a racecar driver in search of a better racecar...

Connecting to Vizion

A trusted advisor connected our "driver" with Vizion360, a company that shared his principles and view of empowering customers from the perspective of Business Intelligence. For 15+ Years, Vizion360 has been creating complex data models and business intelligence solutions, delivered through powerful interactive reporting tools that allow customers to view their data in detail that allows them to run their business proactively, instead of chasing problems.

After a year of working together as "Driver" and "Expert Racecar Craftsmen", Parcel BI® was born. Embraced by its users for the powerful visualizations, drillable content, and independence it provides them to manage their own spend and find opportunities to cut costs.

Parcel BI® continues to improve and find new ways of helping users understand their carrier invoices, shipping practices, and where to negotiate incentives that will impact them the most. There is a road map of powerful enhancements and new features planned, we encourage you to subscribe, provide feedback and stay in touch as the parcel landscape is always changing.

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