Overnight On Us For Free?

Are You Giving Away Your Margin?

Do you have an over-eager salesperson or customer service rep giving away shipping and not covering costs? Free shipping is a myth, there is always a cost and it could be eroding your margin.

The most expensive shipping method is Overnight Early AM and when a Customer Service or Sales Representative gives away premium delivery, the cost for shipping could exceed the margin on a sale!

One of the most powerful features we offer is the ability to connect sales data to true parcel data, not just the expected costs.

Additionally, you can turn the tables on suppliers that are using your accounts for collect shipping on your orders. Understand the cost of paying for inbound shipping and leverage it for free shipping from your suppliers in pricing negotiations.

If you want to see how your shipping processes are affecting your business, contact us at Parcel BI to learn more and try our free demo today!

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Do you have an overeager salesperson giving away shipping and not covering costs?

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