Analytics That Expose Data and Save You on Parcel Spend

Parcel BI® gathers carrier invoices using your credentials for the carriers you use (UPS or FedEx). It automatically downloads the information into your data warehouse and prepares the data for analysis at your fingertips.

This automation saves hours of productivity by no longer needing to manually download the data and manage files and spreadsheets.

Our intuitive reports show summary data, blending the information from all accounts and carriers so you can see your entire parcel picture. 


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Parcel Invoice Analytics – Capabilities


Want to see specific information on a carrier, account, service or data range? No problem! Just use the drop-down filters or click on an element in one of the graphs, tables or visuals, and the screens update instantly. 

Want deeper detail? Right-click on an account, receiver, or service and select detail reports that expose the targeted information in the detail you need so that you can uncover potential savings.

We give you an automated repository where your company can share all your parcel invoices to a point where they go beyond what is accessible from the carriers themselves. Don't worry, if you like Excel, you can still export the data or download the original files. 

Reduce costs

By understanding what questions to ask and answer, you can reduce your parcel spend:

  • Why are we getting so many large box surcharges?

  • What % of our packages are getting weights DIM'ed after we ship them?

  • Are we losing money by not inputting dimensions?

  • Are we getting unnecessary residential surcharges because we have customers identified incorrectly?

  • Are we declaring value incorrectly?

  • Are we shipping with expedited services unnecessarily?

  • Are distribution centers shipping too much into other regions?

Identify Opportunities & Trends

Once the data is loaded, you can begin exposing the information that carriers are not making it easy to see in their invoices through intuitive reports designed by BI Experts. 

The reports simplify the complexity of understanding your parcel spend, allowing for “timely” week-to-week identification of profit opportunities on all your parcel expenses. Slice and dice data to spot practices and shipping trends that are costing you money at granular levels, such as by receiver or account.

Drill Down Into the Data

The reports summarize data, but can be filtered and modified with a click of your mouse to drill into data and into more focused reports. Select multiple filters at once to expose your data related by carrier, account, service, origin, receiver, and week. Drill into Accessorial Charges, DIMs, Customers and Individual Accounts. 

You can see how your operations are sending packages, to what zones, by what service.  The tool archives data and provides trending analysis.

How It Works

  • You provide access to your carrier web portals
  • The system automatically logs in to carrier websites and pulls down billing files
    • Grabs all available files and invoices (6 mo. – 1 Year of bills)
    • Files can be loaded manually if you have older files for deeper picture or as an alternate form of data load
  • The data is extracted and loaded into our cloud-based data repository and then processed
    • Data is cleaned up and consolidated for the BI model
    • Carrier data is “matched up” for Zones, Services, etc.
  • Log into your account through the Parcel BI® website 
  • Billing Analytics – Interactive Reports
    • Click on the report components to “Slice and Dice” data
      •  Click through and drill down into detail reports
      • Set filters to modify the analysis and views instantly
  • View by Date Range, Service, Carrier, Account, etc. using dozens of filters and your mouse

Wide Range of Reports 

  • Parcel Spend Overview
  • Invoice Detail
  • Accessorial Analysis and Detail
  • DIM Analysis and Detail
  • Account Analysis and Detail
  • Sender/Receiver Analysis and Detail
  • Carrier Analysis and Average Cost Trending
  • Base and Surcharge Rate Analysis
  • Shipment / Package Level Detail
  • Zone Analysis
  • Microsoft Excel Data connection for building your own reports
  • Much More!

Seeing Is Believing


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