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Parcel BI and Vizion360

Vizion360 is the parent company of Parcel BI, who focuses on bettering companies by empowering them to make data-driven decisions. Because Parcel BI can connect to the VIZION360 data ecosystem, it can be the first step in a journey of business intelligence that can lead to broader insight.

Who is Vizion360?Vizion360 Business Intelligence

Vizion360 is a cloud-based analytics platform that connects companies to their data so they can make the best decisions for their specific branches in that company. The Ecosystem is customizable to any data, however there are many pre-built products that can be integrated very quickly. Users can access data and reports based on their roles and objectives. For example, Vizion360 offers custom dashboards and reports for executive leadership, the sales teams, supply chain, finance and so much more. This allows each of those departments to make the choices necessary to move their team and company forward.

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How is Parcel BI Different?

Parcel BI comes into the parcel space with expertise in data and analytics with the goal of empowering shippers with data. While there are other businesses that offer parcel consulting, they do not focus on empowering their clients or providing data-based solutions. Reporting and data are secondary, and the value proposition is not fully aligned with empowerment.

Parcel BI starts with the data, gives users the tools they need to manage and negotiate effectively, but more importantly, goes beyond parcel into other areas of the business. A perfect example of this is our ability to connect parcel costs back to sales to help companies measure and address the impact of the true parcel cost on margin.

Parcel Margin Analysis Report

With Vizion360's business intelligence expertise, Parcel BI can help connect the gaps between parcel and sales, and much more. 

Learn More About Parcel Business Intelligence

If you are part of a company that struggles to record, process, and read data in your parcel department, Parcel BI was created for you! Start making data reporting easy and data analyzing even easier with business intelligence from Parcel BI.

Try a free demo today and check out our video library to learn more about Parcel BI by watching more videos like this.

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September 16, 2020 Category: Savings, BI Solutions

While living in the age of COVID-19, things have changed, and a lot of companies are looking for ways to manage and reduce costs and find savings. Audits and Refunds have dried up, carriers are at peak levels and it is a difficult market to negotiate in, but not all opportunities to reduce costs are lost. In the series of blogs to come in the next few weeks, we will be sharing a few of our customer's successes with the Parcel BI tools.

Parcel BI- The Perfect Tool for Private Equity Groups

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We provide powerful business intelligence tools that help private equity groups consolidate spend from all entities in order to leverage the group's full buying power while giving the insight and control both at the group level and at the lower entity level.

Insight Found In Time-In-Transit Reporting

By Parcel BI
August 27, 2020 Category: Savings, BI Solutions

The Time in Transit Report is a great tool within Parcel BI that allows you to take control of your parcel even more by seeing an in-depth breakdown of how your carriers are performing on days in transit by service.

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