Parcel BI Case Study: Helping Retailers

Parcel BI is a business intelligence software designed to help businesses across many industries manage their parcel spend by identifying opportunities, exposing errors, and reducing costs.

Saving on parcel is always a priority, but it is even more so now during the impact of COIVD-19. As many industries are searching for ways to reduce costs, Parcel BI is here to help provide smart, data-driven, and actionable information so that they can continue operating and manage costs.

One industry that we have seen really benefit from our business intelligence tools during this time is the retail industry. Many businesses that were primarily, if not solely, brick and mortar stores were forced to increase eCommerce based sales.

This means these retailers are shipping more parcel than ever - which means more room for error. With Parcel BI, retailers can have access to their parcel data in one, easy to use, easy to understand platform that provides insight and ability to manage costs and spot avoidable issues that may be negatively impacting margin.

Retailer Case Study

One of our retail customers, who provides aftermarket automotive parts, saw a huge shift in their sales as a result of the pandemic. More people were buying online, and simultaneously they saw a spike in demand as more people were spending time at home and wanting their products.

This customer started with Parcel BI prior to the pandemic because of what they discovered during their free demo. We exposed a billing error by their primary carrier that cost them about 25,000!

parcel bi and retialers

As a Parcel BI user, this customer was well prepared to see the impact of their parcel costs as their volume started increasing. Before COIVD, they were primarily a B2B shipper supplying automotive repair shops but their B2C business grew rapidly, selling to hobbyist directly. As a result, they and their suppliers who drop shipped product for them, were shipping a lot of packages commercially, but for residential delivery. This resulted in paying a higher cost per package by using a commercial shipping method as opposed to a residential shipping service. Our tools were able to help them expose which suppliers were shipping utilizing their ground service to residential deliveries and incurring the higher costs.

Learn More About How Parcel BI Can Help Retailers 

If you have seen a shift in the way you are doing business as a result of the coronavirus, Parcel BI can help you identify opportunities, expose errors, and reduce costs. Contact us today to learn more. 

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