Parcel BI Case Study: The Surprise Costs of Shipping Collect to Big Retailers

Parcel BI is a convenient business intelligence tool designed to help small to midsize businesses across many industries manage their parcel spend by identifying opportunities, exposing errors, and reducing costs.

Managing your business's parcel spend should be a priority no matter what size your business is, but especially if you are not a large corporation, or a big parcel shipper. As a smaller business, every dollar counts, and that is more true now than ever.

Small to medium businesses during the age of COVID are looking for every opportunity to save money, and starting with managing their parcel spend is a great place to start! Things are changing for many businesses, and some retailers are shifting from store delivery to direct delivery. Some Companies are having cash flow issues and getting hit with late payment fees. You don’t know until you look. Here is what one company that supplies the retail market discovered…

Small Business Case Study 

Exposing Surcharges

We have a Parcel BI customer who is a good-sized business, but compared to businesses like Walmart and Target, they are small in eyes of the carriers. This company’s customers are major retailers, so they worked with major carriers. As a result, our customer was unknowingly being hit with surcharges (But not the Transportation and Fuel) that their customers did not pay per the terms of their agreement. Parcel BI was able to expose over $80,000 in surcharges and give them the tools they needed to address those charges with their customers.

Identifying Billing Errors 

Exposing Parcel Bill Errors

Our tools were also able to help this customer identify billing errors that cost them over $15,000 from a third-party broker. There was a week that their earned incentive was not applied, and it was due to a technical error. This type of error happens more often than shippers realize, and the carriers don’t bring it to their attention. Without the right tools, these over charged bills are hard to spot and often just get paid.

Parcel BI exposed the dip in incentives and they were able to submit a claim and get a refund before the 6 month window to file a claim expired.

Learn More About the Power of Parcel BI 

This software was designed to easily expose these types of errors and charges and so much more. If you are interested in learning more about how our tools can help you manage your parcel spend, contact us and start your free demo today

You can also learn more about our tools by watching more videos like this in our video library

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