Chargebacks, Re-Bills, and Invalid 3rd Party Charges


When you send a shipment collect to a receiver and provide their carrier account, you don’t expect to pay for shipping, but that is not always the case. That receiver can still look at their invoice and see the charge for the shipment and call the carrier to dispute the charge, claiming you were not authorized to ship on their account. When that happens, the carrier automatically reverses the charge to you, as the shipper of record. UPS® calls this a Chargeback, while Fedx® calls this a Rebill.

And if the fact that you are now paying for shipping you shouldn't be paying for isn’t bad enough, you get hit with a penalty charge as well. These charges often occur weeks or months after the original shipment.


Collect and third-party shipment charges could be billed back to you and you wouldn't even know it unless you reviewed your bill thoroughly every week or unless you have Parcel BI. The penalty fees are not tied to the package and can be hidden as a line item within your spreadsheet. Parcel BI makes it easy to see the reversed charges, who the receivers were, and how much it is costing you.


Our easy to use online platform allows you to see invalid accounts and chargebacks, enabling you to see where you are paying more than you know and take action to fix it. We have exposed chargebacks for some customers that were costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Want to have your bills analyzed for chargebacks? Contact us today and sign up for a free demo and see the savings you can gain by getting insight into your data today! You can also learn more about Parcel BI by visiting our video library.

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Chargebacks, Re-Bills, and Invalid 3rd Party Charges

By Parcel BI
February 26, 2020 Category: Chargebacks

Our easy to use online platform allows you to see invalid accounts and chargebacks enabling you to see where you are paying more than you know and take action to fix it.

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