Parcel Margin Analysis

“Connect sales to parcel and expose the impact unexpected shipping costs have on your margin. Gain insight and clarity using the business intelligence tool for parcel cost management.”

Manifest and connect your sales data through Impact Analytics, with the true cost of shipping.


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Common Problems we Can Help you Solve:

The cost you expect for shipping can and will change from the time you ship and invoice to the time you receive your bill. Additional fees that you may be charged with include:

  • Dimensional/Weight Discrepancies
  • Additional Handling, Large Oversized
  • Over-max/Unauthorized
  • Address Corrections
  • Chargebacks
  • Undeliverable/Returns
  • Other

People are often blindsided by these costs and do not know the true cost of their shipping. All these charges add up to tens of thousands of dollars.


What can the Parcel Margin Analysis tool help you do?

True Cost of Shipping

Tap right into your sales and manifest/billed shipping costs, and connects it with the TRUE cost of shipping

Provide Major Savings

This will provide major savings on shipping costs, hours, and resources spent auditing freight costs billed to customers.


Prioritize by customer or product

Gain insights

Gain insights with high-level and detailed data

Data Visualization

Data visualizations using Microsoft Power BI are backed by Gold Partnership

Identify Where Money is Lost

Easily identify orders that lose money due to delivery costs to expose major savings

Anticipated vs. True Delivery Cost

See the difference between anticipated delivery cost compared with true delivery cost

Slice and Dice

Slice and dice the data by customer or by product to get the answers you need


What Makes Us Different?

We help you to integrate your transactional sales data, allowing you to see parcel costs associated with individual customers, products and other attributes that will negatively impact profitability. This provides dynamic business intelligence that delivers actionable insights that will drive shipping process and polity improvements. We go beyond parcel refunds and audits. Not only do we easily connect your sales data to actual delivery costs, we are able to immediately expose companies’ sales transactions with cost issues. Parcel BI provides you with the real insight on how your parcel costs are affecting profitability by customer, product category, operation, and sales representatives.











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