Parcel Peak Season

What is Peak Season in the Parcel World?

Peak season refers to the time of the year when the carriers experience a spike in volume, typically because of the holiday season. As a result of this spike, the carriers usually increase their rates from late November until the holidays are over. But this year, with more people staying at home more, peak season came early and is staying late. Starting in early October and lasting until mid-January.

Who is this Going to Affect?

This will mostly affect companies that ship over 35,000 packages a week and large box shippers. 
Carriers will continue their COVID peak surcharges, which includes continued suspension of the money-back guarantees. They are also going to start additional handling surcharges, which will be $5 compared to last year's $3.60. 

The large package surcharge is also increased to $50, whereas last year it was $31.45.

The overmax penalty is still the same as last year, $250, but it will last longer this year. 

How can Parcel BI Help this Peak Season?

Parcel BI can help you identify those threats that come with this longer peak season. Our tools will help you plan accordingly, to maybe divert some package or package things a little bit differently to avoid those charges, as well as to measure the impact that those surcharges will have on you.

Learn More About Parcel BI 

If you are not already taking advantage of the powerful business intelligence tools that Parcel BI offers, you can learn more about our tools in our video library or contact us today! Likewise, you can sign up for your free demo or no-risk month to month subscription.


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