Pricing for Parcel BI® is based on your annual spend, as this is a good indicator of the data volumes we will be managing for you.


The cost for Parcel BI® Analytics and Contract Edge includes:

  • A one time fee for onboarding, monitoring data loads, and 2 hours of training and initial consultation.
  • A recurring monthly charge for Parcel Spend Analytics based on your annual Parcel Spend. Parcel BI® typically provides 3 to 5 times ROI
  • Parcel BI® has consistently demonstrated an ROI of 3 to 5 times the investment.
  • With the use of our Refund Audit Services, it can be partially or completely self-funding if not more!

We do not take a percentage of savings for the use of the tool, nor do we hold you to a contract. Your commitment is for 30 days at a time, you can cancel at any time and you will not be billed for the next month's utilization. If you opt-out of the use of the tool and do not pay your bill, The one time fee will be re-assessed to recreate your account or turn on a new module, so it is in your best interest to keep your subscription in place and maintain all of your data for the best use of the tool. 

The cost for Parcel BI® - Refund Audit is performance-based and we invoice monthly for 50% of recovered funds after the refunds appear on your carrier invoice. It includes

  • a 35+ Point audit and Invoice Review 
  • Refund submission request 
  • Phone Request as needed
  • Multi-Carrier Audit - Including UPS®, FedEx®, Loomis®, Purolator®, GSO/GLS®, and OnTrac®
  • Weekly update and reporting through the Parcel BI® Website
  • Charge Avoidance Analytics

The Parcel Profitability solution requires integration with data outside the Parcel Carrier Invoice files, such as sales and invoice data and is therefore quoted as an integration project with a monthly subscription.

*The Parcel Spend Analytics Tool is a foundational piece for any other component in the suite, therefore it is required for the Contract Edge as well as the Manifest Audit. 

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