Refund Audit by Parcel BI®

When it comes to your parcel spend, there are many ways to find savings.

Why would you want to overpay with carriers when you don’t need to be?

There are many refund opportunities on carrier errors and this is your rightful money. The ParcelBI® Refund Audit puts that money back in your pocket. 

3 Reasons You Need the Refund Audit 

1. The Most Complete & Comprehensive:

Our technology and processes are more thorough with scrubbing your parcel data than any other audit. Parcel BI® Refund Audit also includes more carriers than just FedEx® and UPS®.

2. Better than a Full-Time Employee:

While it may be alluring to hire a position to do these audits, it’s impractical. This tool is more effective and cost-efficient. The opportunity to make claims is typically 15 days from shipment. You need to do it fast, and you need to know what you are doing. The average Joe could fix their own car, but isn’t it better to take it to a mechanic? Like Payroll and Landscaping, some things just make sense to outsource.

3. Transparency & Partnership:

We don’t hide where the refunds are coming from. If there’s an opportunity to prevent recurring refunds in the future, then we expose that data. Our goal is to become a partner that can help you avoid unfair charges in the first place. We expose the root cause when you can avoid the charges in the first place. 

Small Parcel Audit Points

Here are some of the points that we inspect. Carriers like FedEx® & UPS® are always adding new fees, surcharges and more.
We stay on top of them, so you don’t have to.

*included but not limited to


  • Incorrect Rate
  • Incorrect Discount
  • Incorrect Accessorial
  • Late Delivery Ground
  • Late Delivery Air
  • Late Delivery International
  • DIM (Dimensional Weight)
  • Voids
  • Address Corrections Air
  • Address Corrections Ground
  • Commercial/Residential
  •    Adjustments
  • Delivery Area Surcharge
  • Contract Rate and Tier Audits
  • Hundredweight shipments
  • DAS Extended
  • DAS Rural
  • Duplicate Invoices
  • Duplicate Tracking Number
  • Contract Negotiation
  • International Import and Export
  • Incorrectly Billed Collect Shipments
  • ASD with no weight
  • Lost Claims
  • Damage Claims
  • Undelivered Returns Visibility
  • Weight Accuracy
  • Large Package Surcharge
  • Special Contract Consideration
  • Incorrectly Billed 3rd Party
  • Late Payment Fee Visibility
  • Saturday Pick-Up and Delivery
  • Invalid Account Number Usage
  • Return Service Labels not used
  • (RSV, RTL, RSL, ARS)
  • Additional Handling Charges
  • Fuel Surcharge
  • Hazmat Materials

Parcel BI® Refund Audit does the work for you

Our software dives deep into your entire parcel landscape, scouring the data for cost savings and opportunities to further reduce your parcel spend moving forward. 

Carrier invoices can be saturated with errors and that means an opportunity to get money back and reduce your total spend. Parcel BI® offers refund services for recovering money on carrier charges.  The carriers (like FedEx® and UPS®) make mistakes and don’t always deliver when they say they will or bill you correctly. We find that for most shippers, 2-5% of all packages have a refund opportunity associated with them.

Negotiating for Refunds on Your Parcel Spend

Per carrier policy, you are entitled to question charges and may be entitled to credits and refunds. The problem is that to do so is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

The bottom line, most companies don’t have the tools or manpower to make it worthwhile. Parcel BI® has the ability and resources to act on your behalf and recover credits for you. Though part of the process is automated, there is still a fair amount that requires phone calls and tact. 

Let Parcel BI Audit your invoices for UPS®, FedEx®, Loomis®, Purolator®, GSO/GLS®, and OnTrac®.

Keep Reading to learn more about how you can transform your parcel spend with our new Parcel Refund Audit Tool complete with analytics powered by BI (business intelligence). 

Free Assessment of Recovery Potential

Parcel BI® offers refund recovery services for a portion of the realized credits. We can perform a free assessment to give you a conservative estimate of what we can recover based on 90 days’ worth of data.  

Depending on your carrier contract, you may have given up the right to capture some of the points we can audit on, but not all. Trust Parcel BI® to get you the refunds and savings you deserve. 

Read about our Small Parcel Audit Points above.

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