Shipping Costs Have You Down? You Need Parcel BI

Parcel BI - A tool to uncover what you are really spending on shipping costs

Vizion Solutions’ new online parcel spending analysis tool is making waves. Parcel BI provides insight into the cost of shipping products across parcel carriers in an organization. Companies are saving thousands of dollars on their shipping costs by monitoring and managing parcel spend with Parcel BI.

Do you need help understanding complicated billing and shipping contracts for your parcel spend across multiple accounts, with multiple carriers? Don’t we all.

“E-commerce and direct to customer delivery are just a few of the factors that are changing the parcel delivery landscape. The rising costs of shipping are impacting the bottom line of many companies. Companies need to reduce costs, and to do so effectively, they need easy access to actionable data.” said Giles Manias, Director of Product Development at Vizion Solutions.

What Are You Spending? Announcing Parcel BI

Clients “Love” Savings from Parcel BI

The VP of Logistics at a prominent online/in-store retailer did not have a useable tool to look at his carrier data in one location until he got started with Parcel BI. “I love, love, love it,” he said, as he learned that his company, with over 130 locations nationwide, was spending tens of thousands of dollars annually on late fees and other avoidable charges using this new tool by Vizion Solutions.  

“I can now go back to my finance department and show them the savings we made with a better contract and the savings from properly setting up the payment process. Parcel BI has uncovered training opportunities that will lead to additional savings as we move forward. Though I have had the raw data, I have never had an easy way to get the information I needed, until now,”  

Based on their findings, this VP and his accounting team made changes to their system processes and accounts to realize over $50,000 in annual savings. 

These savings were not refunds, where other parcel consultants stop, but additional savings opportunities uncovered with Parcel BI. “This tool offers a superior refunding mechanism,” says Manias. “But our focus goes far beyond refunds. Parcel BI is about savings through process improvement, best practices, and using your data effectively.” 

About Parcel BI 

Parcel BI is a cloud-based software available at  Founded in 2002, Vizion Solutions, LLC has been a leader in the Business Intelligence industry for over 16 years. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to deliver data through reports that empower companies to grow, increase margin and reduce costs while managing risk.  Vizion Solutions is a certified Gold Partner with Microsoft, using the latest tools and innovations to create its latest solutions offering: Parcel BI. 

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Parcel BI just held their inaugural User Connection. Parcel BIs Director, Guy Manias had a visionto bring users together andtalk about common trends in the industry. He saw the User Connection as an opportunity to connect different companies the in the parcel industries from all over. PURPOSE The purpose of the webinar wasnot only to bring these shippers together, but to also learn from one another, to show the latest updates in Parcel BI to maximize the user value, and to develop a community of users that are able to stay together and continue conversations outside of the User Connections. Parcel BIs main goal is to aid in client success. We want to educate, empower, and connect our users. The User Connection allows us to help our clients to grow and build relationsamongst professionals in the industry. USER CONNECTION LAYOUT During the User Connection Webinar, we gave the latest and greatest updates to Parcel BI. Some examples of what we covered in this first webinar included the

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