The Parcel BI Solution

Stop wasting Time and Energy Trying to manually track your Parcel Budget!

Our easy to use online parcel analytic platform helps your business get a hold of your parcel spend by exposing the data allowing you to manage your costs. Get insight, get control and become empowered!

We know managing your carrier data is not easy. That is why Parcel BI was created! We are not just another auditing service, we are a powerful business intelligence resource! We save you time and money. Get answers on what drives your spend in seconds. Be the Parcel Hero that your company needs!

No Risk, Cancel Any time

Our tools and services help shippers save 15-40% on their parcel spend with a 3-40X Return on Investment! We are so confident that you will get value out of Parcel BI that you can cancel at any time.

This is unlike anything you would have experienced before when it comes to parcel analytics. Contact us today and we can load your data in a free demo and analysis to see how easy it can be for you to save.

You can also learn more about our resources in our video library. 

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How Do COVID-19 Peak Surcharges Affect My Organization?

By Parcel BI
June 25, 2020 Category: UPS, FedEx, Parcel BI, Parcel Spend, Why Parcel BI

What are UPS and FedEx Peak Surcharges? UPS, FedEx and other carriers have responded to COVID by increasing fees and stopping Guaranteed Service Refunds (GSRs) or Late Package Refunds (LPRs). You might notice that UPS and FedEx have added a new type of surcharge, directly related to COVID-19. Both companies have dubbed these Peak Surcharges, with some specific charge names under this umbrella term. The specific surcharges, rates, and applications are being updated frequently as the carriers continue to monitor current events.You can see the latest information using the links below: UPS Peak Surcharge Info FedEx Peak Surcharge Info Why Add Peak Surcharges? More people are ordering packages than ever before, as many retail locations have been closed, and companies have a higher volume while also trying to speed up shipping. Organizations that have switched to online operations are now utilizing shipping services for the first time. Front-line businesses (healthcare, PPE

Comprehensive Business Intelligence Solutions

By Parcel BI
June 23, 2020 Category: Why Parcel BI

With Vizion360's business intelligence expertise, Parcel BI can help connect the gaps between parcel and sales, and much more by going above and beyond just parcel consulting.

Risk-Free Parcel Analytics

By Parcel BI
June 16, 2020 Category: Savings, BI Solutions

Our business intelligence platform is a month to month, no-risk service that can help you identify saving opportunities, expose errors, and empowers you to make data-driven decisions.

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