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Parcel BI

Parcel BI was created to help any business that ships parcel to manage their costs. Parcel BI offers software along with optional services to help in this effort. Today we are looking just at the software app, and that starts with Invoice Analytics.  From there you can add on additional features, like Contract Edge or Parcel Cost Variance.

Parcel BI Main Dashboard, The Data Tool for Parcel Spend Management

Our new dashboard (shown above) gives you a closer look at all of the tools found within Parcel BI. These tools and dynamic reports help you expose how parcel has impacted your margin. It is a very rich user experience designed to look at every facet of parcel spend for savings.

Invoice Analytics 

As you look through our Parcel BI app, you see a variety of interconnected reports that we can provide to get insight your company's parcel data.

Invoice Analytics in Parcel BI

These reports offer a drillable look into your invoice data that drill down to the detail and expose different facets of your parcel spend that might be relevant to you, such as:

  • Address corrections
  • Account details
  • Charge details for managing multiple accounts
  • Accessorial

Archiving Your Data

We also offer a repository for your invoices that go back much farther than the major carriers do. UPS typically saves 12 months of data. FedEx six months. We are a multi-year repository because you don't want to go in and worry about managing that data yourself or archiving it.

Account Grouping

One of the most powerful features that we offer is the ability to set up groups so you can cluster your accounts into business units or organizations. You can limit users to access certain groups so that they can see only the information that's relevant to them.

Say you have an East Coast manager; you only want him to be able to see East Coast accounts. You can set up a group with all those accounts in it and limit that user's access to that data.

Contract Edge

Contract Edge is for those customers who want to compared proposals and contracts between the major carriers. You can upload your carrier contracts and create comparisons using the published rates, your data, and your incentives.

Contract Edge Empowers You to Compare Carrier Contracts and Proposals for Contract Negotiations - from Parcel BI

This helps you manage your future parcel spend based on new rates and compare competitive contracts.

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Our app is full of useful tools and additional features that any companies shipping parcel can utilize. If you need help managing your data, Parcel BI is here for you.

Contact us today to get started or try our free demo with your real data. 

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