Parcel BI User Connection

Parcel BI just held their inaugural User Connection. Parcel BI's Director, Guy Manias had a vision to bring users together and talk about common trends in the industry. He saw the User Connection as an opportunity to connect different companies the in the parcel industries from all over. 


The purpose of the webinar was not only to bring these shippers together, but to also learn from one another, to show the latest updates in Parcel BI to maximize the user value, and to develop a community of users that are able to stay together and continue conversations outside of the User Connections. Parcel BI's main goal is to aid in client success. We want to educate, empower, and connect our users. The User Connection allows us to help our clients to grow and build relations amongst professionals in the industry.


During the User Connection Webinar, we gave the latest and greatest updates to Parcel BI. Some examples of what we covered in this first webinar included the following:

  • New Support E-mai

  • Report Updates

    • Time in Transit Report

    • Charge Detail Enhancements

    • Period vs. Period Analysis

    • Charge Modifier

    • Address Correction Detail

  • New additions to the app

    • Ability to export data as an excel connector

    • Alerts

User Stories

After updates to the app on our end, we had users that had previously volunteered, share their stories. Users that have been with Parcel BI for a while, and in the shipping industry even longer, were able to share how different parts of Parcel BI has helped them significantly. Some topics the speakers covered included:

  • Contract Edge
  • The illusions carriers give to make you think they are saving you money when you are actually losing money
  • The money and time that the tool has saved for the company
  • How different departments of a company utilize the tool


When the speakers were done sharing their stories, there was time for discussion between users. Someone would ask a question either in the chat or on the call, and they would receive feedback from others with their experiences. Users also were encouraged to talk on what their experience has been like in the parcel industry, and how the Parcel BI tool has helped.


To continue the connection, we asked if our users would join our User Group on LinkedIn. This is an exclusive group to only Parcel BI users. This group is to continue conversations around parcel. It allows users to connect, share experiences, and ask questions. We also use this platform to post updates to the Parcel BI app. We are constantly making improvements to our products and services to help aid the success of our clients.

Future User Connections

Following the user connection, we received an outstanding amount of positive feedback. From here on out, we will be holding a new webinar each quarter. We hope to continue conversations and grow the community through each user connection that we host.


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