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Parcel BI User Connect Webinars
Parcel BI Case Study: Breaking Up is Hard to Do
Insights into Third-Party Shipping Part 3
Expose the Impact of Annual Parcel Rates Increase with Contract Edge
Comprehensive Business Intelligence Solutions
Manage Your Parcel Spend in the Age of COVID
Measuring the Impact of Parcel Minimums
Incentive Analysis Report
Risk-Free Parcel Analytics
Parcel Peak Season
Parcel BI Case Study: Helping Manufacturers
Parcel BI Case Study: Negotiating Rates and Minimums
Parcel BI Case Study: The Surprise Costs of Shipping Collect to Big Retailers
Parcel BI Case Study: Helping Retailers
The Often Hidden Cost of Declared Value
The Parcel BI Solution
Chargebacks, Re-Bills, and Invalid 3rd Party Charges
Is Free Shipping Affecting Your Margins?
2021 FedEx Rate Increase Announced
Manage Your Parcel GRI with Parcel BI
Overnight On Us For Free?
Rising Parcel Costs are NOT Inflation
What is in Your Invoice?
Early Shipping
Contract Edge for Parcel Contract Negotiations | Parcel BI
Too Busy? Parcel BI Alerts Keep You Connected
Insight Found In Time-In-Transit Reporting
25-Point Parcel Health Checkup
Home Bound: Are Residential Costs Impacting You More Than You Know?
Insight into Third-Party Shipping
Understand Your Parcel Contracts with Powerful Data Tools
Insight into Third-Party Shipping Part 2
See the Real Impact of the GRI with Parcel BI – Contract Edge
The Power of the Parcel BI App
Parcel BI- The Perfect Tool for Private Equity Groups
Helpful Tools and Information on
Connecting Parcel Cost to Sales Margin
Chargebacks and Rebills on Your Parcel Spend
ABC Co. vs. A B C Company… How Parcel BI solves Address Grouping
Complete the Process with Parcel BI Audit
Using Parcel BI on a Weekly Basis
How Parcel BI Exposes Late Fees on Parcel Spending
Parcel BI vs. Audits -- Why Parcel Shippers need to Connect to Data
Understanding How Shipper of Record Affects Parcel Spend
What is the Value of Connecting with Your Data?
How Parcel BI Makes Managing Many Accounts Easier
Shipping Corrections Charges and Audit Fees
Wasteful Address Corrections Exposed
Automated Data Archiving
Parcel BI Cost Savings Example
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