Parcel Profitability Audit

The Parcel Margin & Profitability auditing tools take parcel spend management to the next level. Using your sales and manifest information, we empower you with the ability to compare the actual parcel costs to the shipping charges you billed customers. If you are discounting or not billing for shipping - You can now see how your policies are impacting your margin and bottom line.

The Parcel Margin Audit tools are part of the Vizion360® Suite of Impact Analytics for Business, leveraging the Parcel BI Analytics and connecting parcel data back to customer specific activity, such as invoicing, products, sales, and profit margin.

Manage Your Parcel Impact on Profitability

  • Connect your parcel costs to Customers, Orders, and Products
  • Measure the impact of parcel costs on profitability
  • Use to refine your shipping cost policy and monitor if it is being followed or not and by whom
  • Audit manifest costs compared to actual costs
  • Monitors Parcel Margin

The Parcel Profitability Audit adds another level to the detail we can provide when delivering an overall picture of your company. This module requires a Vizion360® engagement and is priced as part of that agreement. It compares shipping charged to customers to expected shipping cost (Manifest) to the actual shipping cost from the carrier.


Parcel BI Parcel Margin & Manifest Audit Tools, Screenshot of Vizion360 reportParcel BI Parcel Margin & Manifest Audit Tools, Screenshot of Vizion360 report


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