What is the Value of Connecting with Your Data?

What is the Value of Connecting with Your Data?

How much money do you spend on parcel shipping a year? What would a 5%, 10 % or 25% reduction in that spend mean to you? What are you doing now to manage and limit the money you are paying to your parcel carriers?  No matter how big or small your company is, you never want to waste your time and money.  

Most companies don't have an effective means to make sense of their invoices and find unnecessary shipping charges, corrections, or chargebacks.  Business Intelligence is using data to make better business decisions and gain insight. Parcel BI provides you with business intelligence tools that empower you to take control of your parcel spend without wasting time. 

Quickly Find Savings

Connecting to data can provide savings in various ways, not everything is obvious
An example of one of our customers who does not have a very high parcel spend, less than two hundred thousand dollars annually. This particular customer is an omnichannel shipper, meaning they ship outbound on their customer's accounts, but they also use their own account to ship inbound. 

When we loaded their data into Parcel BI, we were able to quickly expose the fact that their top four suppliers where charging them for ground shipping when in their contract their shipping was supposed to be free. 

In two minutes, we exposed over $11,000 in savings that they were able to go back to the suppliers and challenge the charges as they were not in their agreement. The suppliers then gave them that money back in chargebacks or credits. 

Save Time and Money

This type of unnecessary spend can really add up quick and affect your margins, your overhead, and your business in general! 

Exposing this data without the right tools is very time consuming and challenging, especially when you are a major shipper but even for smaller companies where every single dollar counts.

Another example of how Parcel BI can help your business by managing your suppliers and vendors. The declared value for one account adds up to over $9,000 annually. But it turns out that this company is on the receiving end of those overly insured shipments; they're not putting on a declared value when shipping out because they can manage internally procedures easily enough, but their suppliers are because they're not being directed properly. Unchecked suppliers are putting a high declared value on their inbound packages and costing them $9,000 annually or more. Parcel BI easily reveals what suppliers are doing this so they can take corrective action and stop an avoidable charge. 

If you are interested in taking control of your parcel spend and saving time and headaches of trying to find these errors, contact us at Parcel BI today. You can try our free demo online and see the value of connecting with your data.

Free Demonstrations – Your Data – Determine the Value

We always offer the option of a free demonstration for anyone who wants to see how our tools can really help your business save money on parcel. We are willing to load your data and expose the value that our tools can provide you. This is a no risk offer to determine the value of connecting with your data. You don't know until you look.

What is the Value of Connecting with Your Data?

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